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EU-kommissionen vill granska all privat kommunikation

EU-kommissionen har presenterat ett lagförslag gällande kampen mot barnpornografi och grooming. En kamp som är viktig och där vi står på samma sida som kommissionen. Tyvärr är förslaget vansinnigt. Invirat i juridiskt fikonspråk är grundtanken denna: all privat kommunikation ska automatiskt avlyssnas och analyseras av filter som skickar vidare ”misstänkt” kommunikation till myndigheter. Detta skulle innebära ett förbud mot krypterad kommunikation i EU. Det vore fatalt för möjligheten till säker, privat kommunikation på nätet.

“Child sexual abuse and the distribution of such material on the Internet is a tremendous problem. Therefore, coordinated European action is necessary. That is why I am glad that the European Commission is looking into it.

However, what I find unacceptable is the attempt to undermine the privacy and confidentiality of communications. Additionally, the ability of citizens to control their own devices by using Free and Open Source technologies would be endangered.”

Marcel Kolaja, tjeckisk EU-parlamentariker för Piratpartiet

Det pågår ett till stort angrepp på möjligheten till effektiv kryptering (end-to-end) i EU – Digital Services Act. Vissa politiker vill där införa krav på bakdörrar – vi vill istället att lagen förbjuder politiker från att begränsa möjligheterna till att kryptera sin kommunikation.

Patrick Breyer, tysk EU-parlamentariker för Piratpartiet om förslaget:

“Cens-Ursula [I Tyskland fick Ursula smeknamnet Zensursula i samband med införande av den kontroversiella lagen NetzDG] von der Leyen is trying to attack our security and privacy on the net via the EU. What she does not understand is: The more criminals are pushed to move their communications to impenetrable channels the less likely will the prosecution of child abuse be successful. And we would still be left with the real deficiencies in the protection of children, for example regarding insufficient prevention of child abuse, insufficient funding of therapy services and completely overburdened forensic experts.

Intercepting and filtering the content of all our private communications without suspicion and across the board by corporations such as Facebook and Google is absolutely ineffective and even counterproductive for investigating the channels used by organized crime, but it threatens the privacy and security of Internet communications of millions of innocent citizens and will probably not stand up in court.

Imagine the postal service were to open all letters in search of the forbidden. We will not accept that Cens-Ursula sets up new digital black rooms in the hands of private corporations!

With error-prone and opaque AI text filters in place, we can expect countless users falsely reported every day and a thousandfold reading of private messages by international corporations. Particularly affected would be messages from teenagers among themselves, who have a right to respect their sex lives. Reports are to be uncontrollably forwarded to states such as the USA, where no data protection applies, with unforeseeable consequences when travelling. Cens-Ursula apparently thinks she can simply ignore the mass protests against upload filter censorship machines last year, but she is wrong!”

Patrick Breyer, tysk EU-parlamentariker för Piratpartiet

“The mass screening of private messages in the absence of any suspicion violates the fundamental right to respect our privacy and our correspondence. The security of our communications infrastructure and its protection from criminals and foreign spies require effective end-to-end encryption!”

Patrick Breyer

“To really improve law enforcement we need to tackle the alarming backlog in the analysis of data media confiscated by the police. Instead of turning foreign corporations into unaccountable private police, criminology must finally enter the digital age”

Patrick Breyer

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