About us

About us

The Pirate Party was founded in 2006 to bring Sweden into the digital future. Since then we have spread to over sixty countries and developed into the world’s most successful political movement since the environmental movement in the 80s.


The Pirate Party is represented in the European Parliament, the national parliaments in the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Iceland and at the local level in hundreds of different regions and municipalities in, for example, France, Finland and Germany.

There have been pirates in the European Parliament since 2009. During the period 2009-2014, we worked, among other things, to stop the free trade agreement ACTA and introduce net neutrality and protection of your privacy. In 2014-2019, the focus was mainly on reforming copyright, supporting free software and protecting freedom of expression on the internet. Since 2019, three Czech and one German pirate work in the European Parliament, focusing on anti-corruption and transparency, online civil rights and free software.

We want to build a society based on the principles of freedom, dignity and participation. Become a pirate you too – together we can become the political force of the digital age!

Party board

The party board is the party’s highest decision-making body, second only to the membership meeting. According to the party’s statutes, the board is “a long-term, decision-making and strategic body for the party and has a collective responsibility for the party’s activities and that the decisions of the members’ meeting are carried out.”

The board’s working committee includes the party leader, deputy party leader, party secretary and a maximum of two additional board members. The current working committee consists of party leader Katarina Stensson, deputy party leader Henrik Passmark, party secretary Johan Karlsson and board members Mikael Enmalm.

Katarina Stensson

Party leader, elected from 2019 to 2021 and from 2021 to 2023.

Henrik Passmark

Deputy party leader, elected from 2019 to 2021.

Johan “MLG” Karlsson

Party Secretary, elected from 2021 to 2023.

In addition to the party leadership, the board currently also consists of:

Christoffer Eldengrip
Mikael Enmalm
Isabel Humbla
Tomas Håkansson
Christoffer Cederholm

Jerry Hjort
Jan-Erik Malmquist
Ola Nyström
Johan Ericsson
Andreas Eng

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